Finally A Solution to Patching Asphalt
Your solution to asphalt repair

PatchCrew's personnel have been in the asphalt construction business for over 25 years. We felt there was a need for a patching crew which specialized in asphalt patching. 

Often paving contractors have a hard time meeting a customer's schedule or budget. Often the customer/contractor performs the work themselves. This takes skilled workers away from their own trade and can be more expensive in the long run. 

This is why we started PatchCrew. In that asphalt patching is all we do, scheduling is as flexible as you can get. E-mail or fax us the information and your patch will be done when you need it.

Because of our service, customers and contractors have the option of not having to place cutback or roadbase in a trench for temporary safety. PatchCrew can be there when your work is complete and patch your trench right the first time. 

We have a self contained truck with a heated box and all the tools necessary to provide a complete asphalt patch.

Patch Crew Asphalt Patching